Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice In The Guides

Went to the Rogue back on the 9th of Feb. and then hopped on the Pere Marquette last weekend the 16th. Two very beautiful days on the river. It was just cold enough to ice up my guides on my rod every 15 minutes or so (sorry no picture).
I was able to fish my flies that I tied up for the first time.
The Rogue had a ton of stoneflies crawling all over the banks in the snow.

I saw a bald eagle on the Pere Marguette and loads of deer tracks on the banks.
It was a sunny day on the PM.
Sorry for the short entry, but I at least wanted to post and put some pictures up.



Monday, January 28, 2008


Saturday my son and our 1yr old German Shepherd Dog went for a hike on some local trails.
It has been snowing really good the past week or so and I have tried to get out on some hikes with the dog. My son joined me this time. It was a great time, the dog really loves getting out and going on the trail with the nose to the ground. My son and I got to spend some time together and that is never often enough.
The trail started out deep but the further we got into it the better it got. We saw a few cross country skiers and snow shoer's as well.

Stay warm...



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week Three Dries

I had to take a make up class last week for my third week of fly tying.
Tim was the instructor again and we tied caddis dry flies. Tim used to tie production flies for Craig Mathews of the Blue Ribbon Fly Shop, so we started with Craig's X-Caddis.
This a very simple pattern but I found the Deer hair a little tuff to work with. I guess I will have to tie a bunch of these to get it down.
The second tie we did I think was Craig's Cripple Caddis. This one was a very simple tie and I look forward tying these. If I remember correctly, Tim said that it is a great pattern to fish. I still need to buy some materials for the Cripple.

Got some nymph tying done while watching the NFL playoffs last weekend as well. Made an ok dent into the pheasant tails and got some hare's ear's done as well. We are slowing building the collection, now we just need to get out on the water. It is suppose to warm up the beginning of next week so it may be a good chance to go.

Happy tying!


Friday, January 11, 2008


Week Two of fly tying class. This past Thursday I had my second class, Bob is the Thursday night instructor and was a lot of fun and very helpful.
We tied two patterns, the Pheasant Tail Nymph and the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph.
Compared to the last class where we tied streamers on size 6 hooks 3XL, these nymphs were a little trickier. We tied these on a size 10 1XL. The Pheasant Tail wasn't bad at all the only thing that didn't go good for me the first time around was the copper wire on the body. I was suppose to wrap it into about 3 to 4 segments and I wrapped maybe twice that. This was a pretty cool pattern and from what I understand it is very versatile in its imitation, Mayfly nymph, stonefly nymph, Hex nymph. My favorite part of this one is the legs that you make with the left over pheasant feather.

The second fly we tied was the Hare's Ear. We used the hair off a real Hare's mask with a Turkey feather as the thorax casing. We learned how to dub with the Hare's fur. Maybe I didn't get a good piece of hair but this fly was a little trickier than the Pheasant Tail because of the Hare fur. I found it hard to work with. This fly didn't turn out well at all, I was not impressed with my results. I will have to tie a bunch of these to get some practice at it.

After class everyone wanted to pick up the materials to make these flies so we all gathered up what we needed and Bob cashed us out.
I had been really debating whether I wanted to buy a vise or not and if I did, what vise was I to buy. 95% of the people I talked to told me to buy the Renzetti Traveler. The cost of the Renzetti is pretty hefty but I wouldn't have to buy a new vise for a long time.
Bob made mention that the new Traveler model was coming out and that he had one left from last years model and that he would sell it at 20% off. I had been looking on Ebay, and every where else on the internet and no where could I find a Renzetti Travler for less than retail pricing so I decided, what the heck, lets do it. So I am the proud owner of a new Renzetti Traveler Fly Tying Vise. This was a late Christmas present to myself. :)

I am really enjoying the fly tying and am looking forward to crafting and honing those creative skills and maybe catch some fish on them. I am pretty Dutch, so losing flies is no fun for me, but maybe if I tie them it won't be so back.
The Grand and the Rogue are up right now so the Steelhead will easily be able to move up and into the Rogue. I look forward to getting on the Rogue sometime in the next seven days for sure to try these nymphs out.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fly Tying Begins

This past Saturday I started a fly tying class that will last for 5 weeks.
I have always been a creative and all growing up and through high school I would draw, paint, and create things. The past 15 years those creatives have been expressed through work or other non hobby things in my life. Since I started fly fishing, I have always been interested in fly tying. I have learned that it is not something that you can justify spending money on with the idea that "if I tie my own flies I will save myself money"... WRONG. Its like trying to justify getting your pilots license. An acquaintance once told me that if you want to learn to fly you can't try and justify spending the amount of money with being able to fly everywhere yourself, it doesn't work that way. You have to want to learn just for the the flying.

I have come to the conclusion that that is how it is with fly tying. I am dutch, so I am always trying to pinch my pennies, but thats not going to work here.

I had my first class this past Saturday. I am taking the class at Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company in Rockford, Mi.. I chose them for a few reasons... I fish the Rogue River a lot and that is the shop I go to for things and a second is Glenn Blackwood owns the shop and I used to watch his Fly Fishing show on the local PBS channel all the time (I have a bunch of episodes on my Tivo still). The show was great because Glenn would be fishing somewhere in the States and they would fish a specific fly or set up and half way through the show Glenn would show you how to tie that curtain fly pattern.

I had a good time. Tim was my instructor and is a great teacher.
We tied a Brown Spruce and a Wooly Bugger. These are my first flies I have ever tied in my life.
It was fun and and I look forward to the remaining weeks.

Oh and of course I went over to the Rogue to fish for a few hours after class.
Didn't see anything, but it was nice to get on the river, it had been a month.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Rogue 10.27

I spent a few hours on the Rogue this past Saturday fishing for some salmon.
It was a really nice day for fishing, overcast mid 50's although it was a bit windy.
I got on the river about 1p and went down stream. at first I just started to fish obvious holding water and behind boulders. Nothing.
I moved further down stream and spotted some salmon hanging out. I was fishing C&D with a egg fly and a green caddis. They were not interested in what I had to offer. I switched up egg colors and tried a few different nymphs. I have learned that either I am not fishing the C&D method right or I just don't like that it. I kept getting hung up on the rocks on the bottom of the stream, I was changing weight and it just seemed like I couldn't get it right.
As I kept moving down stream, I ran into a half dozen fish holding on a redd. I abandoned the C&D and tied on a streamer and fished that and the salmon were interested. I ended up hook 2 of them hogs with no luck hauling them in.
I promised the wife that I would be home around 6p so I hiked back to the car.

It was a great day on the water, it was much needed.



Monday, October 29, 2007

Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia and Tom Brokaw at Zeitgeist '07

Very interesting video. Its worth taking the time to watch.