Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fly Tying Begins

This past Saturday I started a fly tying class that will last for 5 weeks.
I have always been a creative and all growing up and through high school I would draw, paint, and create things. The past 15 years those creatives have been expressed through work or other non hobby things in my life. Since I started fly fishing, I have always been interested in fly tying. I have learned that it is not something that you can justify spending money on with the idea that "if I tie my own flies I will save myself money"... WRONG. Its like trying to justify getting your pilots license. An acquaintance once told me that if you want to learn to fly you can't try and justify spending the amount of money with being able to fly everywhere yourself, it doesn't work that way. You have to want to learn just for the the flying.

I have come to the conclusion that that is how it is with fly tying. I am dutch, so I am always trying to pinch my pennies, but thats not going to work here.

I had my first class this past Saturday. I am taking the class at Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company in Rockford, Mi.. I chose them for a few reasons... I fish the Rogue River a lot and that is the shop I go to for things and a second is Glenn Blackwood owns the shop and I used to watch his Fly Fishing show on the local PBS channel all the time (I have a bunch of episodes on my Tivo still). The show was great because Glenn would be fishing somewhere in the States and they would fish a specific fly or set up and half way through the show Glenn would show you how to tie that curtain fly pattern.

I had a good time. Tim was my instructor and is a great teacher.
We tied a Brown Spruce and a Wooly Bugger. These are my first flies I have ever tied in my life.
It was fun and and I look forward to the remaining weeks.

Oh and of course I went over to the Rogue to fish for a few hours after class.
Didn't see anything, but it was nice to get on the river, it had been a month.


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thekooiet said...

Great Job tying those flies! It is REALLY pretty darn neat. Now just don't loose them the first time they're out on a cast to a nice tree or a sunken log!

Husband, teach me to fly fish. It would be my dream to go fish the Lt. Manistee on a quiet spring (yes, I said spring...none of this winter fish'n) morning. It would make me feel like a kid again....then we'd have to catch some frogs latter, k?

I'm looking for our cabin right now.