Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice In The Guides

Went to the Rogue back on the 9th of Feb. and then hopped on the Pere Marquette last weekend the 16th. Two very beautiful days on the river. It was just cold enough to ice up my guides on my rod every 15 minutes or so (sorry no picture).
I was able to fish my flies that I tied up for the first time.
The Rogue had a ton of stoneflies crawling all over the banks in the snow.

I saw a bald eagle on the Pere Marguette and loads of deer tracks on the banks.
It was a sunny day on the PM.
Sorry for the short entry, but I at least wanted to post and put some pictures up.




thekooiet said...

I like your profile picture. Nice use of line and color. ;) Seriously.

thekooiet said...

Cave-man blogging.

See Jeff fish.

Jeff catch no fish.

Jeff no can spell.

Me like Jeff anyway.

KatieKate said...

Jeff! No more pictures of bugs, ok? It makes Rylie want to eat the monitor and we're really trying to prevent that.

thekooiet said...

Okay dear, now it's spring...May 14 to be exact. And right now you are fishing somewhere...you better blog about it upon your return.

I don't like look'n at that bug either.

Are you bringing home dinner?

thekooiet said...

Um, so it is now SUMMER. Can you say summer?

Are you waiting until you fish in the Presque Isle River to blog? Won't that be nice.

Corentine said...

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